Interview with Pastor Doug Wilson

Wilson earned a BA in classical studies and a BA and an MA in philosophy from the University of Idaho. In addition to his role as pastor of Christ Church, he is a founder and Senior Fellow in Theology at New Saint Andrews College, founder and editor of Credenda/Agenda magazine, and founder of Greyfriars Hall, a three-year ministerial training program. He also serves on the governing boards of New Saint Andrews, Logos School (a Christian private school), and the Association of Classical and Christian Schools. Wilson was instrumental in forming the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches. He is married to Nancy Wilson and has three children, including N. D. Wilson, and 16 grandchildren.

Editor's note: Joeseph Conrad's novel was called "End of The Tether", not "Joy At The End Of The Tether".

Interview with YouTube Sensation David DiMuzio

David DiMuzio has accumulated over 200 million views on YouTube as a singer/guitarist and music performance coach, and has released hit songs in four different languages. He is also recognized for his gold medal at the 2001 International Juggler’s Association World Championships.

David has written songs for and recorded with virtually every hot new recording artist in the Philippines including notably Yeng Constantino, Yassi Pressman, Mikey Bustos, Rivermaya’s Jayson Fernandez, and Monique Lualhati. In addition he’s recorded duets with other Asian stars like Singapore’s Kewei Tay, and China’s pop opera star Wang Fang for whom he wrote the 2017 movie theme song “Wake”. David’s one man show which he has headlined theaters in over 90 countries performing combines the best of all his talents including singing, guitar, juggling, ukulele, and comedy.For more info visit


"How Dare You Be Pro-Life"

An impression I think, dear reader, has been allowed to form, and perhaps even to coagulate and to congeal and that is that it is only those of us who oppose the systemic extirpation of unborn children that have any explaining to do.

I think that is a precept that needs to be challenged from the very beginning.

A great many people stare slack-jawed at me upon the realization that I can be an atheist (antitheist if you desire terminological precision, as I do) as well as a pro-lifer. As if to express moral outrage over unborn infanticide requires the concurrent belief in a supernatural dimension.

The silliest argument I have so far come up against has been "as a man, you don't get a say". No sexism there, right? Well, as the bishop said to the barmaid, "let's try it another way". Would these same people allow me my opinion even though I'm a man if I were to say I was pro-choice? Of course I am slave to speculation on this point, but I daresay they would. Ac…

A Short Plea For "Question Time" In America

I have been saying for many years, and it's high time I did so in print, that it would be in our best interest to import the wonderful British practice of "Question Time" into the otherwise desolate rhetorical landscape of American politics.

For anyone unfamiliar, "Question Time" is the practice observed by the House of Commons where a government minister (typically the PM) is sat in front of his MPs and subjected to a barrage of questions which he or she is "forced" to answer with no purpose of evasion or euphemism.

This seems idyllic in America, where the general form that the political discourse takes is riddled with artful doublespeak, intellectual evasion and flat out non-compliance. Spin alley has truly become an rhetorical ghetto in America.

This is by no means a new idea.  In 1991, Representative Sam Gejdenson introduced a proposal that provided for a two hour question period each month. In the early 1970s, Senator Walter Mondale proposed vari…

On Interviewing Juanita Broaddrick

More than a tincture of emotional detachment deflated from my body as I coldly messaged Ms. Broaddrick asking for an interview on my humble podcast. After all, here is a crucially important figure of history and here am I, your humble "odd"-in-one-hand-"ball"-in-the-other author.

I did not expect much in terms of response.
And yet, within 24 hours, here she was directly emailing me back agreeing to an interview. An Oscar-winning convulsion of delight, surprise, and intrigue very immediately seized me.
After all, to have the honor to interview the woman whose courageous story of survival after having been raped by then-Attorney General Bill Clinton isn't an experience that occurs everyday!
She provided me with her cell phone number and we had made plans to have a short phone call the day before our interview to address any questions (the first and only time I have done this, incidentally).
I nervously called her and she immediately answered and made me feel as i…

On Lake Calhoun

On this whole affair, I detect more than a fair amount of fake outrage. I trust most of you will be familiar with the topic of the minute, that of whether to keep the name "Lake Calhoun" or to change it to the Dakota name "Bde Maka Ska".

I think it's a rather silly proposition. Yes, of course, John Calhoun supported slavery. In fact, he stood on a much more unapologetic platform regarding slavery than many of his associates; he stated it was both "positive" and "good", rather than merely as a "necessary evil". Truly a despicable position to take, as I know I do not need to relay to you, dear reader.

I should like to ask anybody that agrees with this as a reason to change the name as to what their plans are for the Library of National Congress? After all, it started as slaveholder Thomas Jefferson's private library and therefore carries his legacy and, indeed fingerprints (both figuratively and literally) within its hallowed halls…

The Faux Dictatorship of Maduro

This essay explores a dual-mandate that I have; a general repudiation of the socialist tendencies that many on the Left are so fetched by, as well as offer whatever insight or attention I can to a pressing geopolitical concern.  In that vein, let's turn our gaze to Venezuela.
I will do my best to maintain a respectable amount of indignation throughout.
Bus driver turned much-disputed President Mr. Nicolas Maduro has amassed an impressive litany of crimes against humanity since assuming office back in 2013.
Despite plunging his own country into misery, desolation and bankruptcy, Mr. Maduro has ordered the expansion of an entirely civilian militia by one million members. This army has come to be called the National Bolivarian Militia and will be a reserve force to complement  Maduro's "official" cadre.  The announcement was made during a ceremony honoring late President Hugo Chavez's return to power after a failed attempt at a coup d'etat. This seems fitting e…